What is band life like at the high school?  What should we expect?

Band life at the high school is not just like an ordinary class.  Although we do meet daily and there are expectations to learn that are graded; many of the students involved describe their experience similar to a second family.  They cherish the friendships made and revel in the diversity of their experience from academic to social.  You can expect to make some very close friendships, to increase your musicianship skills, to have an aesthetic musical experience from the many rehearsal and performance opportunities and to develop teamwork and community skills that will stretch you beyond what you can achieve solely as an individual!

Am I going to have time for other activities?  Will the schedule and commitment interfere with sports?

Many of the members in the Instrumental Music Department are also involved in various activities from sports to drama to academic organizations, such as:  National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Future Teachers Club, Peer Mediation, School Newspaper, School Yearbook, Drama, Chorus, Outdoor and Indoor Track, Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, Swim Team, and yes, even the Football Team!  Conflicts do arise on occasion and every effort is made to reach a win/win situation.  The Instrumental Music Calendar is also produced before the beginning of the school year to help avoid any potential conflicts.

Do I have to march?  Will the marching be difficult?

One of the responsibilities of the Marching/Concert Band at the high school level is to perform at the school football games and town parades.  Marching skills are therefore part of the program and every effort is made to teach and develop these skills among the band members.  The marching is demanding and requires hard work, but we believe the payoffs are well worth the effort.  Occasionally students that are unable to march due to medical or health issues have taken up the task of learning a new instrument such as the percussion instruments in the “pit”; an ensemble that plays in front of the marching band during field shows and does not march. These students then return to their wind instruments during Concert Band season to continue their music making.  Also some students with dance experience can choose to join the guard program during the marching season and return to playing their instruments during concert band.  If a student sincerely wants to participate, every realistic effort will be made to accommodate their desire to take part in our organization!

Do I have to attend Band Camp Rehearsals? What is Band Camp like?

Yes!  Part of the purpose of this letter and informational pamphlet is to make students and parents aware of the commitment involved before school begins.  The field show performance involves the memorization of up to 50 drill charts of coordinates on the football field and up to 8 minutes of music.  Students also learn the style of marching involved in this type of field show, including performance showmanship particular to the show.  In order to accomplish the tasks involved before our first performance, rehearsals before school begins must exist.
It is very rare that a student who has not attended band camp rehearsals has been able to do the work necessary to catch up to the other members.  Please do not hesitate to call if questions arise.


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